How to Bid

Notice: Only registered users may participate in the auctions on this site, to register please go to the Sign Up form and request an account. Upon successful registration your account will be reviewed, activated and you will then receive an email letting you know you are ready to login and start bidding.

There are several types of auctions on this site, and the bidding for each type is different:

  1. Online-Only Auction - Vehicles are listed for auction online ONLY, and are auctioned off eBay-style. Bidders must place their bids before the auction ends. Highest bidder wins. Bidders are allowed to place a MAXIMUM bid in the system, allowing the system to bid on their behalf up to this maximum amount. If the vehicle sells for less than their maximum the bidder wins the auction at the last bid amount.
  2. Pre-Bidding - Vehicles are listed for preliminary bidding online, which is conducted in the same manner as Online-Only Auction with bids accepted up to a certain time. At the end of pre-bidding the highest bidder's bid is taken and presented during the LIVE auction, which happens later on the same day. Again, bidders may place their MAXIMUM bid during pre-bidding. During the live auction this bid will compete against other bidders on premises. If the vehicle sells for less than the maximum then the bidder gets it for the last bid amount.
  3. Pre-Bidding with Live Broadcast - same as #2, but with the addition of a live internet broadcast of the live auction after the Pre-Bidding ends, allowing bidders to place bids real time over the internet. Bidders have an option of submitting their MAXIMUM bid during pre-bidding, and letting the system bid on their behalf, or participate in the live auction online and submit bids real time. Note: For submitting bids in real time you must be logged in during the broadcast.
  4. Sealed-Bid - Vehicles are listed for auction, but the highest bids are NOT displayed. Bidders are to submit their MAXIMUM bid up to defined time, and then wait for the results. If your bid is the highest, the vehicle will be awarded to you after the auction end for the amount of your maximum bid.

Each vehicle listed on the site has it's "Auction Type" defined to one of the types above, which is displayed on each listing, ensuring interested bidders know exactly how to bid on each vehicle. 

My Account Features:

Once logged in, bid status can be checked by visiting the My Account Menu / My Bids page.